Modern Day Cricket
A recent newspaper report regarding an Australia vs South Africa game

You can win: Some dirty money

Requirements : 550k Download

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Beer Wench
A group of Australians really wanted to have a day relaxing at the cricket, so they came up with this novel idea ...

You can win: Nothing

Requirements : None

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Cricket Jokes
Loads of Jokes from your favourite sports. I only post the ones I think are funny!

You can win: Some laughs off your friends

Requirements : Kirky's weird sense of humour

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Kirky's World Cup Cricket
This is an addictive cricket game that can keep you entertained for hours.

Game play is very simple (you can master it in a handful of games), but no matter how many times you play it, you have just as much chance of losing as winning.

You can win: The World Cup Final

Requirements : PC (IBM Compatible)
200k download

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