Browser Soccer
Browser Soccer is a one player soccer game that you can play directly from your web browser. The aim is to beat the other 5 teams and bring home the cup.

You can win: Nothing but I bet you waste a few hours playing it

Requirements : Java 1.1+ enabled browser (try it and see if it works if you're not sure)

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Conversion Kings
Test your kicking skills with this neat little game

You can win: Apparently there's prizes but I only found one mention of them and no details

Requirements : Name & Email required
Smallish download

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Horse Racing at IWin
There aren't many horse racing games on the 'net, but IWin has got one - and it's probably a good advertisement for why there aren't many on the 'net. Still you might find it fun and slightly addictive, and if you don't there are loads of other games to play and some excellent prizes to be won.

You can win: Loads of great prizes

Requirements : You need to register to win prizes, but can play without registering

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Highland Golf
This is a pretty typical PC golf game though a bit less elaborate. The cool thing is you get to chat to other players at the same time. Pogo has loads of other great multi-player games too, it is my favourite games site on the 'net.

You can win: Play for tokens and cash prizes

Requirements : Java enabled browser
Registration is required

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Kirky's World Cup Cricket
This is an addictive cricket game that can keep you entertained for hours.

Game play is very simple (you can master it in a handful of games), but no matter how many times you play it, you have just as much chance of losing as winning.

You can win: The World Cup Final

Requirements : PC (IBM Compatible)
200k download

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