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Hi, I'm Kirky and I'm a huge sports fan and if you are as well then you're gonna love this site. I look for everything cool that's sporty on the web and put it on my site.

Trivia, games, jokes, tipping competitions, websites, movies, pictures, sports betting and more - if it's cool and it's to do with sport then you'll find it on this site!

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Here are my two favourites :

Win prizes and have lotsa fun in TopTipper tipping competitions. Predict the winner, margin of victory and team scores in tons of sports like soccer, cricket, rugby league & union. You can also look at the prediction of the Top Tipsters to assist you in picking a winner & placing a bet. Click Here

Pogo contains sports crosswords, Frank's Football Pools and a typical, but less elaborate PC golf game.

The cool thing is you get to chat to other players at the same time. Pogo has loads of other great multi-player card, board, and arcade games too - it is my favourite games site on the 'net.

You can win: Play for tokens and cash prizes

Requirements : Java enabled browser
Registration is required

Sounds good to me - (Click Here)

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